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Chicago Roofer Recalls Severe Storms and Hail Damage

Chicago Roofer Working OT Due To Hail Damage

Chicago Roofer Phoenix Exteriors Recalls Severe Storms and Hail Damage in Chicago

Chicago Roofing Contractor Phoenix Exteriors has been busy after a summer of violent hail storms.   If you live in Chicago or near the outer line of the “Windy City”, then you bare witness to these violent storms that have caused every homeowner damage of some sort.  Shingles can rip loose due to high winds, leaving water an easy entrance onto the roof’s deck,  causing it to soak through.   Roofs often take all of the beating therefore, it is your duty to have your roof fully inspected so that it may withstand future storm damage. Never wait until you notice water stains on your ceiling from inside your home.

Getting a roof inspection is vital to your homes foundation

Your roof should be attended to as soon as possible after a storm has passed, and the proper inspection should be performed by a certified roof inspector or company like Phoenix Exteriors.

Hail around 1¼ inches in diameter can cause tremendous damage to composite and wood shake shingles. If you have composite shingles, you may be able to withstand hail stones 1 inch in diameter.  Chicago Hail Damage that is strong enough to damage your roof, is most likely to have also caused damage to nearby cars, fences, exterior siding, and numerous other surrounding objects.

Why Get A Proper Roof Inspection?

“Some Chicago homeowners may think this would be a good time to give your insurance provider a call or pull out the ladder yourself and take a look,”  said Phoenix Exteriors President Eric Stanis. “But we would first recommend that you call a licensed, insured, Chicago Roofing Contractor like Phoenix Exteriors to provide a thorough inspection and include the proper documentation required by your insurance company for a hail damage claim.”

In many cases your homeowner’s insurance will have coverage for storm damage to your roof, but you will need to provide documentation showing when the roof was damaged and the paper work must be submitted prior to the insurance companies deadlines.

Was My Roof Really Damaged By Hail?

There are other causes to roof damage other then just hail stones and just like hail damage, they should be tended to as well. Before you assume that your roof may have been a victim to hail damage, you should consider checking for these other types of damage.  Hardening, Rounded or horseshoe shaped areas, Discolored streaks or patches, Blisters, Splices, Craze cracks, Deterioration, Splitting, as well as Curled edges.

Composite shingles have four layers, such as a mat composed of glass fibers, possibly some type of organic material, asphalt, limestone or sand, or granules made up of a ceramic coating.  The asphalt will deteriorate and shrink when exposed to these types of storms, leaving the shingle to harden up and usually become brittle.  The edges tend to curl up as the outside edge of the shingle shrinks at a faster rate then the interior of the shingle, leaving your with Cupped or Curled edges. Cracks that appear in random patterns throughout your shingles are called “Craze Cracks” and therefore, should be replaced as soon as possibly. Gas is released from the asphalt as the shingles are heated up and are known to become trapped by the surrounding layers. Blisters can pop, and leaving you with pockmarks throughout your roofs shingles.

As you can see there are many ways that your roof can be damaged so it can be difficult to prove that the damage was due to a hail storm.  That’s why it’s important that you contact a professional Chicago Roofer that is trained in inspecting your home for hail & storm damage.

These types of damages leave your Chicago roof prone to further abuse from water and the other harsh elements that we often see in Chicago.  There are a number of certain types of damage caused by storms and rather it be from hail or not, it’s vital that you, as the home owner,  have your roof inspected.

Call (or email) Chicago Roofing Contractor Phoenix Exteriors at 866-82-STORM (866-827-8676) for a No Cost No Obligation (that means FREE) inspection.

Humboldt Park Roofer Recalls Freakish Hail Storm

#1 Reason Humboldt Park Roofers Will Be Busy

#1 Reason Humboldt Park Roofers Will Be Busy

June 30, 2011 Humboldt Park, IL

“It was as if golf balls were falling from the sky,” said Humboldt Park Roofer Phoenix Exteriors.

The town’s homes and cars were punished by this violent storm.   Residents experienced the worst hail storm that many have ever seen. Humboldt Park residents looked on helplessly as their cars parked on the street were pelted with hail as large as 2″ in diameter.

The damage to the town’s trees was also evident shortly after the storm passed as leaves and branches lined the streets.

Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that can hurt you

Humboldt Park Roofing Contractor Phoenix Exteriors has been busy providing free inspections to their local neighbors. “When you walk out of your home it’s easy to see the devastation from this hail storm,” said Phoenix President Eric Stanis. “But what many of our neighbors do not realize is that this storm also provided substantial damage to our Humboldt Park roofs. You can easily see a dent in your car but it’s not so apparent with your roof. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have your roof inspected.”

Why should you contact Phoenix?

“It’s extremely important to have a professional Humboldt Park Roofer inspect your home for damage,” added Stanis. If a damaged roof is left untreated, water can seep into your house and can eventually wear down the structure of your home and the moisture can also produce mold spores throughout your home.”

Why does Phoenix offer a FREE roof inspection?

“The free roof inspections in Humboldt Park is a service that we pride ourselves on,” said Stanis. “In today’s economy you don’t get much for free so we’re happy to offer this service to our clients. We’ll also document the damage and present it to your insurance company on your behalf. In many cases the damage is so significant that the homeowner can have their roof paid for by their insurance company and can actually increase the value of their home with the new roof. We’ll also inspect your siding and we can provide the same detailed report at no cost to you and submit that to your insurance company as well. Satisfying our clients is vital to our success so we go out of our way to help. We’d love to have the opportunity to show you why we have an ‘A’ BBB rating.”

If you would like to schedule a FREE inspection from a reputable Humboldt Park Roofer then call Phoenix today at 866-82-STORM (866-827-8676) or fill out their online request form.

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More Work For Logan Square Roofing Contractors

Logan Square Hail Storm

Large Hail Damages Logan Square Homes

Thursday, June 30, 2011 -

Logan Square roofing contractor, Phoenix Exteriors, recalls the supercell storm that pounded Logan Square roofs with hail up to 2″ in diameter.

The storm pelted Logan Square Thursday evening before delivering it’s violent punishment on the Chicago area shortly after 9 p.m.

The local weather service reported that the hail storm that hammered Logan Square also produced hail stones as large as baseballs near 26th and Kedzie Avenue, in Chicago, during the storms most violent period.

Logan Square residents were “lucky” to have barely missed the baseball size hail stones, but when your cars and homes are pelted with hail 2″ in diameter, the last thing you feel is lucky.

A Destructive Storm

It’s definitely not hard to see damage to cars from this large hail, but as many Logan Square residents know, the unseen damage to your home can become far more severe if not handled immediately.

Logan Square roofing contractors, Phoenix Exteriors, was quick to assess the damage and come to the aide of the town’s residents.

It Pays To Use A Professional Roofing Contractor

“Helping our neighbors and providing, no obligation, free inspections is a no-brainer”, said Phoenix President Eric Stanis. “As a roofing contractor in Logan Square we’ve seen too often that some people take the roof over their head for granted. What they don’t realize is that the same hail that dented your car can also cause significant damage to your roof. If left untreated a leaking roof can cause structural damage to your home and the water damage in your attic can cause mold which will circulate throughout the air in your home.”

“Our licensed roofing inspectors are professional and will document all the damage to your roof and siding,” added Stanis. “Over the years we’ve developed close relationships with many of the insurance companies so we’ll work hard for you to present the proper documentation to your insurance company. Everybody knows that insurance companies don’t make a profit by paying out claims, but with proper documentation they’ve learned that it’s cheaper to repair your roof rather than wait until there is structural damage.”

Home Inspection

A thorough inspection from a licensed Logan Square Roofer is just a call away.

Call Phoenix today at 866-82-STORM (866-827-8676) or take a minute and fill out their convenient online contact form.

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Phoenix Exteriors, Inc

Phoenix Exteriors, Inc. has been helping thousands of homeowners in the Chicago & Memphis area repair and remodel their homes.

Phoenix Exteriors, Inc. uses only the highest quality materials to ensure that your remodeled home will look beautiful for years to come.  We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship.  Our hard work has been noticed by the neighbors of our customers.  In fact, 80% of our work comes from these referrals.

Our services include durable and architecturally designed roofing, beautiful no-maintenance insulated siding, thermal energy efficient, energy-star rated custom windows, protective gutters and downspouts with Leaf Protection, colorful shutters, roof shingle repair and replacement, and we specialize in those distinctive details that make your home special.
Also, our staff has extensive experience in working with insurance companies, since Chicago & Tennessee do see their fair share of storms, our team has been handling insurance claims for homeowners for over a decade.  We leave the nuisance of dealing with insurance companies out of the homeowners hands!

Bartlett Hail Damage How Homeowners Can Avoid Roofing Scams

A severe thunderstorm came through Bartlett Illinois on April 5, 2010. Local residents felt the impact of the storm as the Bartlett hail damage was significant to both the siding and roofing of the local homes.

What happens after a severe storm is all too typical. Some Bartlett homeowners have noticed out-of-state roofing trucks in the area as storm chasing companies from the surrounding states have been trying to stir up prospective clients.

We hate to see people get scammed from fly-by-night business so we would like to offer you 5 great tips to choosing a roofing contractor.

1) Be sure to find out where their offices are located and where they primarily do business from.
- You do not want to get stuck with a poor quality job from an out-of-state contractor that only comes into town when the storms hit.

2) Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau?
- This is a quick way to determine the legitimacy of the company. If they’re not a member of the Better Business Bureau then that should immediately raise a red flag. Why would a reputable company not participate in the BBB? What could they be hiding? If they are a member of the BBB, what is their rating?

3) Do they have local references that they can provide?
- As simple as this question sounds, it can provide a great deal of insight into the operations of the company. This can help reveal whether they keep to their timeline, cleaned up their work area or whether the final invoice matched the estimate. This will also help eliminate some of the companies that are out of the area storm chasers. Do not be afraid to ask for references from local homeowners.

4) Request a written estimate
- Make sure they provide you with a written estimate. Any contractor that does not provide you with a written estimate should be removed from your list immediately.

5) Sign a written contract
- The contractor should take the time to discuss the written contract with you so you know exactly what is expected prior to beginning the roofing work. The contract should clearly show you the work the contractor will be responsible for, what supplies are included, the payment schedule and time line for the project.

Choosing the right roofing contractor is an extremely important decision for the protection of your home and family so please allow us the opportunity to speak with you and give you a FREE no cost, no obligation estimate.

Phoenix Exteriors is one of the top Chicagoland roofing contractors, as seen by our ‘A’ BBB rating. We take pride in the quality of our work as your satisfaction is our goal. In fact, we don’t want you to just be satisfied, we want you to be so ecstatic with the quality of work that we’ve provided you that you would have no problems giving us an honest recommendation to your family and friends. Please take the time and contact Phoenix Exteriors today through our website or call us at 866-82STORM (866-827-8676).

Phoenix Exteriors Storm Damage Illinois Coverage Area

Chicago storms are unpredictable and, at times, very severe.  These storms are capable of producing high winds and damaging hail that is unforgiving to a home’s exterior roof & siding.

Storm damage, if left untreated, can prove to be a headache for Chicagoland homeowners.  Missing roof shingles, leaking roofs and damaged siding are unforgiving to your home and your wallet.

What most homeowners don’t realize is that your homeowners insurance may cover the damage and either repair or replace the damaged roof and siding.  The damage may not be easy to locate from an untrained eye, so please don’t let that keep you from having your home inspected.

If you contact Phoenix Exteriors today at 866-82-STORM (866-827-8676) we will send one of our insured team members to your home to provide you with a no cost, no obligation exterior inspection.   If we locate any exterior storm or hail damaged siding or roofing we will document the damage and discuss possible solutions with you.

There is a strict time-limit involved when dealing with the insurance company regarding your storm damage so contact Phoenix Exteriors today for your FREE inspection.

Phoenix Exteriors – Illinois Coverage Area (Cities)

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Phoenix Exteriors Announces New Location in Schaumburg, IL

Schaumburg, IL (April 19, 2010) – Phoenix Exteriors, Inc, one of leading hail and storm restoration companies in Illinois, announced the successful move of it’s Illinois office. The new office is located at 10 N Martingale Rd., Suite 400, Schaumburg, IL 60173. The office was previously located at 23 w Irving Park Rd. Roselle, IL.

“We’re excited about the move”, said Eric Stanis, CEO/Founder of Phoenix Exteriors. “Moving the office to more of a central location [Schaumburg] will allow us to extend our reach and provide additional clients with the help they need for their storm damaged homes.”

Phoenix Exteriors first office opened seven years ago on Irving Park Rd. in Roselle, IL. “Moving your home office after seven successful years can be a difficult decision, but we believe that the move will allow us to better serve the homeowners in our community and the surrounding areas”, added Stanis.

For more information about the new Schaumburg location or the services provided by Phoenix Exteriors, visit or call 866-82-STORM (866-827-8676).

Phoenix Exteriors was founded in 2003. Their Illinois branch provides hail and storm restoration services to homeowners in the greater Chicagoland area. They specialize in repairing homes that have wind or hail damaged roofing or siding.