Chicago Roofer Recalls Severe Storms and Hail Damage

Chicago Roofer Working OT Due To Hail Damage

Chicago Roofer Phoenix Exteriors Recalls Severe Storms and Hail Damage in Chicago

Chicago Roofing Contractor Phoenix Exteriors has been busy after a summer of violent hail storms.   If you live in Chicago or near the outer line of the “Windy City”, then you bare witness to these violent storms that have caused every homeowner damage of some sort.  Shingles can rip loose due to high winds, leaving water an easy entrance onto the roof’s deck,  causing it to soak through.   Roofs often take all of the beating therefore, it is your duty to have your roof fully inspected so that it may withstand future storm damage. Never wait until you notice water stains on your ceiling from inside your home.

Getting a roof inspection is vital to your homes foundation

Your roof should be attended to as soon as possible after a storm has passed, and the proper inspection should be performed by a certified roof inspector or company like Phoenix Exteriors.

Hail around 1¼ inches in diameter can cause tremendous damage to composite and wood shake shingles. If you have composite shingles, you may be able to withstand hail stones 1 inch in diameter.  Chicago Hail Damage that is strong enough to damage your roof, is most likely to have also caused damage to nearby cars, fences, exterior siding, and numerous other surrounding objects.

Why Get A Proper Roof Inspection?

“Some Chicago homeowners may think this would be a good time to give your insurance provider a call or pull out the ladder yourself and take a look,”  said Phoenix Exteriors President Eric Stanis. “But we would first recommend that you call a licensed, insured, Chicago Roofing Contractor like Phoenix Exteriors to provide a thorough inspection and include the proper documentation required by your insurance company for a hail damage claim.”

In many cases your homeowner’s insurance will have coverage for storm damage to your roof, but you will need to provide documentation showing when the roof was damaged and the paper work must be submitted prior to the insurance companies deadlines.

Was My Roof Really Damaged By Hail?

There are other causes to roof damage other then just hail stones and just like hail damage, they should be tended to as well. Before you assume that your roof may have been a victim to hail damage, you should consider checking for these other types of damage.  Hardening, Rounded or horseshoe shaped areas, Discolored streaks or patches, Blisters, Splices, Craze cracks, Deterioration, Splitting, as well as Curled edges.

Composite shingles have four layers, such as a mat composed of glass fibers, possibly some type of organic material, asphalt, limestone or sand, or granules made up of a ceramic coating.  The asphalt will deteriorate and shrink when exposed to these types of storms, leaving the shingle to harden up and usually become brittle.  The edges tend to curl up as the outside edge of the shingle shrinks at a faster rate then the interior of the shingle, leaving your with Cupped or Curled edges. Cracks that appear in random patterns throughout your shingles are called “Craze Cracks” and therefore, should be replaced as soon as possibly. Gas is released from the asphalt as the shingles are heated up and are known to become trapped by the surrounding layers. Blisters can pop, and leaving you with pockmarks throughout your roofs shingles.

As you can see there are many ways that your roof can be damaged so it can be difficult to prove that the damage was due to a hail storm.  That’s why it’s important that you contact a professional Chicago Roofer that is trained in inspecting your home for hail & storm damage.

These types of damages leave your Chicago roof prone to further abuse from water and the other harsh elements that we often see in Chicago.  There are a number of certain types of damage caused by storms and rather it be from hail or not, it’s vital that you, as the home owner,  have your roof inspected.

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